Statement of Understanding

Marijuana business applications are very time consuming and could be financially draining.  Make sure you are in for the long haul and pass a clean background check.

A cannabis business license can be obtained after preparation of a very solid marijuana business application.  Since the cannabis industry is still new, the departments for each of the the licensing structures are still determining on the rules and regulations.

The initial draft rules are pretty clear on what is required and what is not, but changes may be made to the existing rules if there is a need to do so.

But it’s never to early to get started the preparation for your marijuana business application.

Marijuana Business: Licenses, Permits, and Planning

An ever-increasing number of states have passed legislation legalizing marijuana for medical uses and some states have even legalized the herb’s recreational use. State laws determine who may cultivate or sell marijuana and under what conditions they may do so. At the outset, it should be noted that the cultivation and sale of marijuana are still considered federal crimes, and whatever efforts are made to comply with state and local laws will not prevent you from being prosecuted under federal law. Regardless, those starting a marijuana business can avoid most serious problems by closely following the state and local rules.

The type of licensing and documentation your marijuana business requires will depend on both the location of your operation and the sort of business you are conducting. For example, someone growing and marketing marijuana to retail businesses may require different licensing and permits than someone operating a dispensary. See FindLaw’s Marijuana and Other Highly Regulated Businesses section to learn more.

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