The cannabis cultivation industry has attracted the attention of many people. However, it is extremely unfortunate that not everyone can become a part of this sector.  The reason is that there are limitations placed on the number of cultivation facilities that can be set up in each state.  But why is cultivation business license limited you may be wondering. Why is cultivation business license limited?

The idea of limiting the number of licenses is so that the authorities can keep the industry regulated.  Cannabis cultivation licenses are regarded as the most valuable in the application process and authorities have limited the number so activities that take place within the facilities can be monitored easily.  Why is cultivation business license limited?Moreover, by limiting the number, the authorities aim to limit supply to only patients who qualify for the use of medicinal cannabis.  It will also help prevent abuse.

In Pennsylvania, the total number of residents living are over 13 million.  But this state has issued cultivation business license to only 13 applicants.  Florida has a population of more than 20 million and the state gave out only 7 licenses.  So when the number of licenses given out are small, it becomes easy to monitor the operations and restrict the supply to legitimate patients only.