Marijuana has been legalized in many states but still is not legal under federal government. Due to this, the laws regarding this industry are very strict and changing regularly in order to prevent any illegal activities. If you want to start a business for marijuana distribution, you have to understand that your business should be run in compliance to these evolving rules and regulation to avoid any legal troubles. You have to think it through before you go and submit your marijuana distribution applicationsMarijuana distribution applicationsFor starting a marijuana distribution process, there are different rules and requirements in each of the states. The submission periods for marijuana distribution applications and required documents differ in every state where marijuana can be sold legally. Marijuana distribution applications For instance, candidates have up to 30 days in order to submit their applications in Maryland yet in Illinois, these days are 21. Due to the cutthroat competition and these time limits, the process submitting the applications can be a huge challenge for candidates. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, many applicants who failed in the applications are now watching other states to learn about the procedure before making an application. This is due to the huge problem that you get one shot at this. If you fail when it’s your turn, you will miss out on the opportunity altogether.