When it comes to submitting an application for a dispensary business license, it is important to understand the complexity of obtaining a license and the licensing quirks in each state.  Depending on the state in which you want to make an application, you will have to meet different content requirements, the submission period of also varies from state to state.  For example, you will get one month to submit an application if you are based in Maryland and only 21 days if you are in Illinois.  Since the process is already very competitive and the time frame allotted is also short, the complexities can increase greatly making it extremely difficult to win an application.  Dispensary business license Dispensary business licenseThere are some states which have implemented vertical integration rules only so that the business is responsible for everything starting from sowing the seed to selling the product. Other states have different rules and they allow different businesses to engage in different activities.  In these states, a business that cultivates marijuana doesn’t necessarily have to be responsible for selling or distributing it to the patients.  The dispensary business license requirements can be complex and having an understanding of the rules that exist in your individual state can help you wade through the procedure.