Growing cannabis for selling to dispensaries can be a good idea if you want to become a part of this industry.  But, you must make sure that you will need to obtain the necessary cannabis cultivation permits before you can get started. Cannabis cultivation permits

Currently, there are four types of cannabis cultivation permits that you need to be aware of.  Having knowledge of what these are and the limitations they have can help you decide which one is most suited for your requirements.   The first type of permit that you should take a look at is Specialty Small Cultivation permits.  With this permit, you can plant indoors, outdoors and also in mixed lighting conditions.  Also with this permit, you can obtain a dispensary permit where you cannot have more than three retail stores.

The second type of Small Cultivation which is very similar to the first type of permit.  The third is Medium Cultivation where the license obtained can be for activities involving growing, planting, harvesting, grading, trimming, drying and curing cannabis.  The last type of permit is for Nursery Cultivation which allows production of clones, seeds, agricultural products and immature plants.  The specific purpose of use should be cultivation, propagation and planting.  If you hold a dispensary business permit and operate no more than three retail stores, you will be able to obtain a Nursery Cultivation Permit, provided that you adhere to the regulations and understand the restrictions.