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Marijuana Business Application

One important facet of the Marijuana Business Application for Marijuana Business is the creation of a state licensing system that includes 17 different license types for the operation of these businesses. The licenses are based on the type of business activity. In general, the new license system allows the following types of Marijuana Business to be established in United States:

  • Cultivators, limited to up to 4 total acres of growing area
  • Manufacturers
  • Testing labs
  • Dispensaries that can offer Marijuana Business products for retail sale
  • Distributors that can procure, sell, and transport from licensed business to licensed business
  • Transporters that can deliver products from a dispensary to a patient or caregiver

The license classifications under what is now Section 19300.7 of the United States Business and Professions Code include:

  • Type 1 — Cultivation; Specialty outdoor; Small
  • Type 1A — Cultivation; Specialty indoor; Small
  • Type 1B — Cultivation; Specialty mixed-light; Small
  • Type 2 — Cultivation; Outdoor; Small
  • Type 2A — Cultivation; Indoor; Small
  • Type 2B — Cultivation; Mixed-light; Small
  • Type 3 — Cultivation; Outdoor; Medium
  • Type 3A — Cultivation; Indoor; Medium
  • Type 3B — Cultivation; Mixed-light; Medium
  • Type 4 — Cultivation; Nursery
  • Type 6 — Manufacturer 1
  • Type 7 — Manufacturer 2
  • Type 8 — Testing
  • Type 10 — Dispensary; General
  • Type 10A — Dispensary; No more than three retail sites
  • Type 11 — Distribution
  • Type 12 — Transporter

License Restrictions

Under Section 19328, you can only hold a state license in two of these 17 categories at one time, and only in certain combinations. For example, if you have one of the small cultivation licenses you can also have a manufacturer license, but you cannot have a manufacturer license if you are a medium cultivator or a nursery. Further, if you apply for a distribution license you also must apply for a transporter license and can hold no other license type.

Additionally, when you apply for a Marijuana Business license you must submit your fingerprints for a criminal background check and may be denied if you have:

  • Prior felony conviction for drug sales, manufacturing, transportation, cultivation, or possession with intent to sell
  • Prior felony conviction for a violent crime
  • Prior felony conviction for a serious felony crime
  • Prior felony conviction for fraud, embezzlement, or a crime of deception

You also may be denied if you have a record of violating local ordinances, such as medical marijuana ordinances, or if you previously had a local license to operate a medical marijuana business that was revoked within 3 years prior to your application for a state license.

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